About Us


Thank you for visiting youqianzhenmei.com, where you will find thousands of brands products offered at incredible wholesale prices. A quick look around our site will reveal our massive range of first-rate goods, be they electronics, dj equipment, but who are youqianzhenmei.com ?

Our Promises

We promise to:

  • Source only the best consumer goods and ensure the highest quality possible.
  • Streamline the buying and payment process making it as easy as possible.
  • Help you discover products and manufacturers in China.
  • Deliver goods to our customers all over the world with speed and precision.
  • Provide 24 hour customer support on weekdays.

Our Story

youqianzhenmei.com offers by Beijing MMAT International Trade Co., Ltd.
youqianzhenmei.com  is one of the biggest online commercial corporations in Asia, committing itself to build a worldwide wholesale shop online. Our company was originally set up in Beijing, China in 2006, aiming to operate the business-to-customer transactions with overseas consumers. Our brand name was originated from imitating the gurgling voice people utter when enjoy something happy. Along with the rapid development of electronic business in China, Hohotrade has earned itself a solid reputation for quality, reliability and professionalism in this field. Our operation capabilities cover favorable policy, affiliate discount, instant and safe delivery, privacy protection and well-rounded customer support.

Our Name

We derive our name from the brands toy, youqianzhenmei.com. As we are a trade company, we believe in providing solutions to our customers’ need. With our business, we strive to provide “brand” for our customers, and hope to deliver these “wholesale” to our customers in the boxes they receive.

Our Business

The mission of youqianzhenmei.com is to provide you with the most hot goods at hot price from China. You can get almost everything you like on this website. We sell a vast range of merchandise produced exclusively by Chinese manufacturers such as trendy digital products, consumer electronics etc.. If you like to hunt for something special at low price by fashionable online shopping, then use youqianzhenmei.com to purchase many thousands of super discount products you are interested in.

We promise to:

  • Provide 24/7 customer support on weekdays.
  • Offer our customers the low Chinese wholesale price.
  • Streamline the buying and paying process.
  • Deliver goods to our customers all over the world with speed and precision.
  • Ensure the excellent quality of our products.
  • Help you find products and manufacturers in China.
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      • 01026158741

The quality of our products is the best,We just offer original and brand new electronics products. our service is perfect, and our price is the best, the speed of our shipping is very fast.

We have our own warehouse and stores, we have clients all over the world, and we have been received very high praise from our customers.

If you have some suggestions about our products or our service, please tell us ,and we must accept and improve ,and appreciate you very much. we hope we can cooperate happily in the long term.